Heartfelt, humourous, inspiring, reflective journey along the G2G trail......a must read!, September 1, 2015

I laughed. I cried. I “walked along” beside Lynda and Doug as they explored, endured and were enthralled by their journey along the G2G railbed trail from Guelph, Ontario to the shores of Lake Huron at Goderich.

This was an intimate read, as Lynda Wilson writes from her heart and soul through vivid images, powerful metaphors, entertaining dialogue and anecdotes of their adventures. The physical suffering of this admittedly only semi-prepared zoomer couple was lightened just enough by her use of humour. Reflections on the tragedies and traumas of her Calgary childhood were elevated in mood by her tales of the kindness of people along the way. Her pure delight in the countryside around them along the trail was kept real by the trials of frantic yet hilarious escapes from deerflies and slogging through muddy riverbanks at incomplete sections of the trail. Lynda doled the variety of emotions out brilliantly, just feeding me enough to satisfy while whetting my curiosity to keep reading for more.

This many-layered story was interwoven expertly throughout. The pace and rhythm of the layers were wonderfully constructed preventing any part of the book to slow and lose me. I identified closely with Lynda’s self reflection as it took me on my own journey. Her love for Doug, so beautifully portrayed, brought me to tears.

I found this book, albeit on a smaller scale, to be equally as entertaining and moving as best sellers such as “Wild”(along the Pacific Rim Trail), Shirley McLaine’s “The Camino: A journey of the spirit” and Sonia Choquette’s “Walking Home” (another Camino healing journey). It is be hoped that this book will renew and motivate more interest in the continued grooming of this hiking and bicycling trail and more like it....as the past reaches forward to provide rich opportunities for future generations.

I definitely recommend this book to any who would like to take such a journey…..without the blisters. (Marlene D.)

Beautifully written, September 4, 2015

The little snippets of dialogue are my favourite. They're a light-hearted insight, a perfect reflection of what it means to have your soulmate beside you in the journey of life. Wilson really lets us in, completely in, to both her past and her present, her thoughts, feelings, and her relationships. It's such a rare treat for a reader.

She teaches us about looking that demon square in the face and letting go - one step at a time, one foot in front of the other. I both laughed and cried within the first four pages of this novel, so if you see this book as merely a story about two people walking a trail, you've missed the point. (Nicole B.) 

Most Enjoyable, August 28, 2015

Walking Home is a must read ! Beginning with the packing by two inexperienced aging hikers, the journey itself incorporating the history of the area, childhood reflections and laugh out loud descriptions. It was mesmerizing and I read it in one sitting. (Meredith P.)

You can feel the emotions that the author experienced both painful and humorousSeptember 9, 2015

Delightful visits to the towns and villages along the a once flourishing rail line and the challenge and perseverance required to reach a goal. You can feel the emotions that the author experienced both painful and humorous. (Roberta S.)